Pastor Emeritus

Pastor E. Stephen Roberts  entered the Gospel Ministry in September 1983, answering the Divine 'Call' from our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. He has attended Great Lakes Bible College in Lansing, MI.  Pastor Roberts has been a full-time pastor for over 33 years, and has a solid background in pastoral ministry. He has recently completed his first book, titled Beyond The Flesh.

Having been a pastor in the rural small-town church, in the church of the mid-sized city, and in the church of the big metropolitan-city, Pastor Roberts draws upon the wealth of these experiences, and brings the value of them to the pages of his writings. He is (for nearly sixteen years) the Senior Pastor of the Garfield Park Baptist Church in Chicago, IL.

He has been an instructor to hundreds of pastors from aross the United States, who gathered at the eleven hundred acre Green Lakes Conference Center of the American Baptist Assemblies, located at Green Lakes, WI. He preaches in various assemblies across the country, as he continues to be active and busy, favored for his unique, insightful, stirring, and spiritually illuminating preaching and teaching.

Pastor Roberts and his wife Pastor Katheryn have four children: Sean (wife Stacy); David (wife Latricia); Diana and Rebekah (Charles).  The family is involved in respective areas of Kingdom service in the ministries of the church. Pastor Roberts and First Lady, Pastor Katheryn (also a ordained minister)  are the proud grandparents of seven grandsons and two grandaughters.

Rev. Dr. Earl S. Roberts

Senior Pastor

Tommy T. Wilbourn

Pastor Tommy T. Wilbourn answered the call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and entered the Gospel Ministry in 2008.  After completing the rigorous Bible training at In His Image School of Ministry, Pastor Wilbourn received his license and was ordained as a Pastor of the Gospel at Garfield Park Community Worship Center in August 2012.  On June 10, 2018, Pastor Wilbourn was installed as Senior Pastor and, his wife, Pastor Karolyn Wilbourn as First Lady of Garfield Park Community Worship Center.

Pastor Wilbourn was a devoted member of True Macedonia Bible Church from 1979 to 2008. Pastor Wilbourn served in various ministries while attending True Macedonia Bible Church including Sunday school teacher, superintendent of Sunday school and as trustee.

Pastor Wilbourn demonstrated his work ethics by being a committed employee, serving for 25 years at one of the country's largest fast food chains where he attained the status of general manager.  Pastor Wilbourn received a Bachelor's of Ministry degree from In HIS Image School and Ministry; he also graduated from the Joseph Business School of the Bill Winston Ministries and uses the information and skills learned to bridge his commitment to serve God's people by sharing the knowledge gained in financial literacy in the lives of many.

Pastor Wilbourn, wife First Lady, Pastor Karolyn, son Myrail and daughter Takayla faithfully serves the Kingdom of God and His people at Garfield Park Community Worship Center through love, humility and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.